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1928 yellow Austin ready to ride again after 30 years

There are only two 1928 boat-tailed Austen Sevens in South Africa. One of them was stored in a garage for over 30 years before the owner, Harry Kypuros, decided to have the car restored two years ago.

The canary yellow Austen will soon shine once more in all its glory. The car is presently at Rubin’s Motortrimmers and Upholstery who have been refurbishing the interior of the car.  The car has received a brand new leather interior, a soft top and side screens.

The body and engine of the car were recently restored by Kobus van Wyk, who does this kind of work as a hobby.

Costa Kypros, grandson of the original owner of the car, says that this particular model was a working man’s sports car it its time.It has a boat tail, spoked wheels and is a convertible.

“The car is in excellent condition and nothing in the engine has been modified,” says Costa proudly.

“The car does not have a carburetter, but works on a gravity feed system – the tank lies on top of the motor,” he explains.

The top speed of the 1928 Austen is 95 kilometers per hour.  It will soon be used to take part in their Austen vintage car rallies.

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