Rubins Motor Trimmers

Giving new life to old lady

Made with precision, love and care, the cars of yester- year are worth more today than they were when they were made.  One person who appreciates their value is a vintage car restoration specialist Rubin Ramguthy.

Rubins’s love for vintage cars began 30 years ago, but this month he will be restoring the first vintage car in his own shop, Rubin’s Motor Trimmers, which he opened earlier this year.

The car is a 1965 Morgan which  was  built from scratch by the owner from Johannesburg three years ago. “Now it is my turn to finish the car by reuphostering the seats with genuine grey leather, making the soft top, putting in the carpets and all the other things needed to complete the car,” he says.

Standing next to the shiny, blue car Rubin touches it with awe and speak of it with pride. “This car is a collectors item, it is wonderful to be able to restore it to it’s original beauty.”

The car will take about a month to complete as it takes a lot of time to get even the tiniest detail.  Most of the parts are imported but if they cannot be found, they are made by Rubin and his workers from scratch .

To buy the car would cost in the region of R150 000 or more, but Rubin says such cars are very difficult to find.

Once the Morgan is completed Rubin will be restoring a vintage racing car to it’s original state.  Restoring the cars takes up a lot of time, that’s why I prefer working on one car at a time, so you can do the job properly and with the care it needs,” he said.

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